Weekend Camps

Destination for Restoration..


 OTC is an ‘experience’ you have with God. It is a major inside-out spiritual and emotional clean-out; an entire weekend with God which is practical, exciting, different and very rewarding.We use music, symbolic acts, worship and teaching to apply God’s Word in a personal but non-intrusive way. No group counselling takes place and what happens at OTC is between YOU and GOD alone…but be assured; if you throw yourself into it wholeheartedly we can guarantee that you will come away transformed and changed for the better.


OTC TEEN is well on its way, being specifically adapted with the needs of our young people in mind. We need to be relevant to our youth who are so vulnerable to bad influences in their schools.  Lack of love and acceptance and good boundaries often opens them up to get involved in drugs, Satanism, promiscuity and gangsterism, which can destroy their future. Jesus needs to be the center of their lives for them to grow to be well balanced successful adults. We are making plans to take this initiative into schools in the near future.


We have realized that our current OTC course was developed from a Western World View. Although it is very effective –  we are very much aware that we need to be relevant to all our African cultures, so we plan to take OTC AFRICA out to minister God’s truth through healing and restoration to the multitudes on this continent; many of whom are illiterate. We want to see them have the same life-changing experience that thousands in South Africa have encountered.  

All for Jesus!