NB: No person under the age of 16 may attend any of the courses at F/Village, except for OTC Teens. Healing Teams and Deliverance Courses can only be attended after OTC and Holy Spirit 1,2,3.

OTC Adult Camps

OTC is an ‘experience’ you have with God. It is a major inside-out spiritual and emotional clean-out; an entire weekend with God which is practical, exciting, different and very rewarding.

Healing Teams 

We offer a weekend of intensive training workshops on how to heal the sick in a practical, ‘hands on’ way - with results! Be a part of a team in your local church to regularly minister to the sick - or come along anyway to get this wonderful teaching that will equip you with the confidence and boldness you need to minister healing and alleviate suffering the way Jesus did. 

OTC Teens Camps

Our children are in crisis: Drugs, Gang violence. Alcohol, Promiscuity and Satanism are very prevalent in our schools, and the situation is getting worse! We have developed a very effective program to remedy this dilemma. It has proven to bring much emotional and spiritual healing to our hurting young people. 

Deliverance Course

Our Deliverance Course is a powerful, practical, comprehensive teaching that will equip you to minister deliverance to those who are held captive by the enemy of our souls. We learn how to deal with evil spirits in an uncompromising, Biblical Way (like Jesus did) and yet, at the same time, we are gentle and caring in the way that we minister to others. 

Jesus Christ is Lord!