Our Vision

Destination for Restoration..

In 2005 Linda invited the well-known South African Farmer Evangelist, Angus Buchan to officiate the opening of Fisherman’s Village. He spoke about VISION!! 

When Linda moved from her town-house in 2004 onto the property which is now called Fisherman’s Village it was very derelict.

 Broken abandoned buildings and shacks were all there was to be found. Wild veld grass and weeds covered the property – and heaps of refuse was dumped indiscriminately all over. 

Vagrants had previously taken up residence in the house and outbuildings and lived there for years.  It took a lot of courage to make the decision to stay and start from scratch, having virtually nothing in her bank account.

She felt so strongly that this was where God wanted her to build the ministry. Despite many challenges she persevered, and now she is reaping the benefits of her hard work - because she pursued the vision God had given her.


Our vision is to become a world renowned Christ-centred organisation which equips individuals and nations to help drastically restore and transform lives all over the globe through creative and innovate ways and means, relying fully on the Holy Spirit to lead, guide and direct us.


To be Pray-ers and Worshipers, with Christ-likeness, Honesty, Commitment & Excellence for the King. 


To train teams to take OTC (and other programmes) into schools and to towns, cities and nations so that the lives of millions of people can be healed and restored and made into effective disciples of Jesus Christ. 


All for Jesus!