Linda Patterson's Biography

Destination for Restoration..

Linda is the Founder of Fisherman’s Village. She is an ordained Pastor and has always had a passion for restoration and healing. 

She has been involved in full time ministry for 22 of the 40 years that she has been serving the Lord.

Linda’s ministry has been very diverse over the years. She has done Street Evangelism and raised up a Street Church, worked in an AIDS Kitchen and a Missions Home for people who were unemployed and who struggled with substance abuse. 

For many years, she has counselled people with problems ranging from family disputes to deep involvement with the occult.

Linda is a creative person. She has written much of her own teaching material, and has headed up and organised various traveling ministry teams, writing skits and plays which were used in outreaches.

Although Linda has enjoyed much variety in her ministry - her foremost passion is to restore, equip and raise up disciples for Christ; to see them minister the way Jesus did: Preaching the Good News, Healing the Sick, Casting out Demons and becoming the Bride that the Spirit of God works through to see the church become united and equipped, to usher in the Kingdom of God on this earth, according to Isaiah 61.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Linda compiled and developed the Overcomers Through Christ Weekend Course (which she prefers to call “an experience with God’ rather than a course), 

   Linda Patterson

then went on to develop the other teachings that are now taught mostly at Fisherman’s Village.Initially Linda taught and ministered wherever she was invited, but was later led to find a permanent place of ministry. She was offered a property in Honeydew on the West Rand in Gauteng and bought it with the sale of her townhouse.

With much hard work and learning how to get out of the boat and step out in faith, Linda continues to see God supply her needs and keep His promises. As a result, Fisherman’s Village has developed into a Restoration and Discipleship Training Base which continues to grow to this day.

All for Jesus!